The Fuze Suite enables you to create a digital support channel for your members, customers and staff. The digital support channel provides your members and customers with a rich and flexible communications and support channel that promotes them to use more and more of the channel's features as they grow accustomed to using your online channel.

As your customers/members look up information, ask questions, provide feedback, voice satisfaction levels and set alerts, the Fuze Suite automatically records this information in your data base. This information is then readily available to you at an aggregate and individual basis, allowing you to better address the needs of your consumers. Without an effective digital support channel in place, member and customer information obtained by your staff while interacting with them in person and on the phone is lost and cannot be leveraged to improve your effectiveness.

The Fuze Suite also ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. Answers are consistently and accurately answered by all staff, and your customers and members never have to repeat themselves when multiple staff work on the same issue.  The back-end infrastructure provided by the Fuze Suite enables you to consistently deliver the highest quality service and support from all of your staff.

So how can the Fuze Suite save you money?

Phone and in-person support is expensive! According to Forrester Research, the average call costs $32 to resolve. If implemented correctly, the Fuze Suite can provide you with a 4-digit return on investment and pay for itself in months!

  • Customers, members, staff, partners and others (stakeholders) can answer their own questions 7x24 without requiring assistance from staff.

  • Getting end-users into an online channel that must be responded to in 4-6 hours requires far fewer support resources than required to support a call center's peak volumes where the end-user will only wait 1-2 minutes before dropping off

  • Eliminating redundant research of looking up the same answer multiple times saves resources.

  • Capturing the knowledge of staff and disseminating it through your organization saves significant resources and reduces knowledge drain when staff are transferred or leave your organization.

  • Metrics are automatically captured regarding your support staff to ensure staff productivity and allowing you to better manage resources.

  • Marketing and sales costs are reduced by targeting specific members and customers based on preferences and behavior.

Bottom Line: By getting your members and customers to interact with you online, you naturally digitally capture rich information about them. Your accounting and other operational systems will only let you know what business your members and customers actually do with you and provides limited insight as to what other products and services they may be interested in. An effective digital support channel gets you closer to your consumers, improves all your support and communications channels, and saves you money!