Your organization has the option to purchase a Fuze Suite license and implement the software on any server, yet most clients choose to take advantage of our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model in which we host and maintain the application and clients pay a monthly subscription fee. The SaaS solution offers a lower cost of entry, complete implementation within hours, and the option to forego the service at any time. It is perfect for organizations looking to prove the concept before making a larger investment.

Should you choose to run the application in-house, you still receive every benefit of the Fuze Suite and all functionality. Depending on transaction volumes and available systems infrastructure, it makes sense for organizations adept at managing IT costs and risks to consider moving the Fuze Suite in-house.

The Fuze Suite was engineered to run in a Web or private cloud environment and to take advantage of available Web services from the Internet or on your private cloud infrastructure, so that you never lose access to any data source regardless of your hosting solution. The process of moving from our servers to yours is also fast and easy. Transition can be completed with less than 1 hour of system downtime.

Like our competitors, FuzeDigital would prefer that clients choose our SaaS solution. With a SaaS model, our support costs are lower, ongoing maintenance and upgrades are easier, and our revenue streams are more predictable and have greater margins. However, since we are driven by customer needs and are not beholden to short-term investors, we give you a choice of hosting options. With FuzeDigital, you are in control!