Get Social with Fuze Suite v8.0
FuzeDigital Announces Launch of Breakthrough in Social Business Software
SEATTLE – January 12, 2011 – Calling it a "breakthrough" in social business software, the CEO of FuzeDigital, Chuck Van Court, announced the release of Fuze SuiteTM 8.0, including a social business platform that melds smart-sourcing with customer care and knowledge base software. 
“The Fuze Suite 8.0 is unlike other available solutions that silo online communities, customer care technologies, and knowledge base content,” Van Court said. “Our delivery of integrated modules infuses the community into self-service and assisted-service components. The result is a single system that supports and engages knowledge sharing among a company’s stakeholders, including its customers, web visitors, staff, partners and others to yield better content and more satisfied and loyal end-users.” 
“Traditional knowledge bases are old-school,” according to Van Court. “Companies are looking for ways to selectively tap into their stakeholders’ real-world wisdom to keep content up-to-date and evolving so that it is effective in answering questions, whether via self-service or assisted-service delivered by staff or other members of an organization’s ecosystem. In addition, companies want their online communities to have meaningful interactions about their products and services, not just social chit-chat.”
“What’s unique about Fuze Suite 8.0 is that it drives out subject matter expertise across the community and within specific areas while measuring, motivating, recognizing, and rewarding a person’s contributions through our patent-pending* reputation engine that awards points earned for contributions made to improving the knowledge base or participating in community answers, ideas, and conversations. Points earned can be used in contests administered in the Fuze Suite and even incorporated into a staff person’s performance appraisal,” he added. “At the end of the day, an organization’s success is all about facilitating healthy, constructive and mutually-beneficial relationships across its entire ecosystem.”  
“Our community knowledge base is a uniquely different and better approach than jumping onto the typical social bandwagon,” said Van Court. “We totally agree there’s value in community engagement, but we have found that better exchange occurs on a company’s web site to directly benefit its operations, business development and ultimately its bottom line. Facebook, Twitter and other social technologies don’t measure contributions that make people accountable for creating real value.” 
“We are excited to begin using Fuze Social. It will allow us to get broad participation in creating and evolving content that helps us better support our customers and operations, while including the metrics I need to motivate the desired contributions and make sure that the related expenditures make good business sense,” said Tony Rodrigues, director of customer support for ParetoLogic, Inc., a FuzeDigital client. 
FuzeDigital has implemented Fuze Social for its own online community so clients can engage with each other and FuzeDigital to optimize Fuze Suite usage and product evolution. “It’s not every day that a software solution is used to improve itself. We expect that this always-on user group will facilitate client engagement and ideation that produces many useful enhancements that FuzeDigital will continue to roll out in the coming months," said Eric Cairns, CTO of FuzeDigital.
Esteban Kolsky, founder of ThinkJar LLC and former Gartner analyst, published a paper about how the Fuze Suite 8.0 offers unique value for businesses, Van Court said. To view this paper, go to

*Note:  A patent on the Fuze Suite's reputation engine was granted in February 2012