Unique use of the knowledge base saves time, streamlines process
FuzeDigital client Connection Credit Union is a $25 million financial institution based in Silverdale, Washington. Faced with an upcoming audit, Connection CU’s management opted to utilize the Fuze Suite to house documentation for easy retrieval and to communicate securely with examiners throughout the audit process.
The Fuze Suite is a knowledge sharing software solution that blends multi-channel support and community technologies.  Connection Credit Union cites the ability to control access to content in the centralized repository as one of the reasons they selected the Fuze Suite.
“Using the Fuze Suite with examiners was truly a success in our shop,” said Scott Prior, President and CEO of Connection CU. “It was a very efficient process for us and saved a great deal of running around time which typically accompanies any audit.”   
The credit union used the Fuze Suite’s knowledge base to provide restricted access to content for the examiners’ use, putting things the examiners needed at their fingertips for easy retrieval. This saved the credit union hours and made for a smoother, more efficient exam process. 
Prior stated that this unique way of using the Fuze Suite was “easy to implement, searchable for tracking purposes, and provided a secure way to easily exchange confidential and sensitive information, eliminating the use of unencrypted e-mails, thumb drives, CDs and DVDs.” 
He added, “The Fuze Suite also has a robust incident handling feature that worked well to engage and dialogue examiners online and provide a tracking mechanism for the questions that arose. It also aids in accountability on both sides of the table, which isn’t a bad thing.” 
Using the Fuze Suite during the exam process helped to set a positive and transparent tone for the audit, according to Prior. “Examiners are moving in that direction and it’s much more efficient for them than a bunch of notebooks in the board room,” said Prior, “The easier you make their jobs, the more time they can focus on all the good things you do!” 
Next year’s audit preparations will be even easier, noted Prior, since everything is already set up.
In addition to utilizing the Fuze Suite during its recent audit, Connection Credit Union gives board members access to materials online. Staff at the credit union are utilizing the community knowledge base for internal information while also building out public knowledge base content that will be extended along with a web site redesign this year.  
“We’re continually seeking other ways to use the Fuze Suite as it helps us to do more with less,” said Prior. “We use this one tool internally with staff, board, members, potential members, vendors, consultants and now examiners. We’re continually building and refining our collaborative knowledge base and using it to be more efficient. When we can find ways to use it in other areas, then we can better leverage that efficiency. Vendor management and integration issues have been minimized, and we’ve found that the more we use it, the greater value we get in other areas.” 

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