Bellevue, WA – October 5, 2002 – Fuze Digital Solutions was featured in the "Knowledge is Power" article in the September 25th issue of CU Times. In the article, Cu Times spoke with 2 of Fuze's credit union customers, NW Federal and All City. Both credit unions said that they were attracted to the Fuze Suite due to its eService focus, ease of use and affordable pricing structure. Said Laurel Ruelos, eCommerce manager at NW Federal, "Many MRM/CRM solutions we've seen seemed too cumbersome to install, use and learn for the time and staff we have available to us currently. Fuze offered a way for us to get our foot in the door with some CRM capabilities, plus it offered us a way to respond and track our members' electronic communications with us in a cost-effective, easy-to-integrate way." When Chuck Van Court, president of Fuze, was asked if his offering was a MRM/CRM solution he responded: "There clearly is some overlap (between our offering and CRM/MRM solutions), but it primarily comes down to focus. MRM/CRM is focused on sales and marketing, does not include a centralized knowledge base and generally only extends its support components to support staff. The Fuze Suite is focused on service and support, extensively leverages a centralized knowledge base and extends a digital support channel throughout the credit union and directly to members."