It's good for your members, customers and prospects (consumers):

Fast and easy to find broad, UNBIASED personal financial information from a trusted source.

Information presented using easily understood language in succinct bytes of information. 

Links to other Web sites with relevant content all in one place.

Information is unbiased.

Direct access to relevant calculators to determine the impact of specific decisions on them.

Direct access to relevant products and services.

It's good for your organization:

It's good for your consumers.  Educated consumers tend to buy more of your products and services.

Broad financial content can help expand your consumers' view of the breadth of your products and services.  This is accomplished by getting them to go to your Web site more frequently and viewing your organization as a good source of comprehensive information. 

Unlike other third-party content, you can see what is important to your consumers (individually and in aggregate) early in the decision process by understanding what topics are being researched, giving you a head start on the competition.

The relevant products and services being linked from the knowledge pack items are yours!

Like getting more of your consumers to communicate with you online, getting your consumers to view your online channel as a good source for getting financial information helps acclimate them to the benefits and ease of your online channel, accelerating adoption of your online banking solutions.

With minor exceptions, links to other Web sites from knowledge pack items are to organizations that do not directly or indirectly offer competitive products.

You don't have to maintain the stuff!  You are able to leverage the economies of scale Fuze can achieve by providing this information to many financial institutions.

Throughout our lives, each one of us will experience many different life events that involve financial considerations.  Unfortunately most people do not understand the basic financial concepts required to make informed decisions.   Even if a person opts to get help from a professional, most people are not comfortable relinquishing complete control of something so important as their financial well being.  

The Internet places huge amounts of information at the consumers' finger tips, but it is difficult, intimidating and time consuming for most consumers to wade through. Books, magazines and newspapers also provide a great source of information, but are generally not succinct enough and do not provide a one-stop source for broad information.   

Financial institutions have the enviable opportunity to interact with their consumers several  times per month.  In addition, financial institutions have developed a trusted relationship with most of their consumers. Who is in a better position to help consumers successfully maneuver through life's twists and turns than their financial institution?

Knowledge packs are not intended to enable your site to compete with the large portals that exist throughout the Web.  Neither are knowledge packs intended to meet the needs of the consumer with sophisticated financial knowledge or the time and knowledge to extensively surf the web.   Knowledge packs are intended to help the average consumer out there.  

In addition to helping educate your consumers, you can require that users of your knowledge packs register before viewing the information. By doing this, you can gain great insights into the needs of your consumers at the earliest possible point: when they are doing research before a decision has been made.  Of course, you must reinforce your privacy policy and allow your consumers to opt-out of receiving any promotional material to make this trading of personal information for financial information more palatable.   Once this rich information is captured, Fuze will help you quickly analyze it along with other consumer information to create targeted marketing lists.