The content and calculators will be updated periodically throughout the year (at least quarterly for the content) and whenever mandated by changes in tax laws and the like.  Additional content and calculators will be provided based on customer and end-consumer needs. 

Knowledge pack items are initially loaded into your Fuze knowledge base with a status of "draft".  You are not allowed to update knowledge pack content but you do have control over what you link the knowledge pack item to and which category you place the item in your knowledge base.  To make your knowledge pack items available to your consumers, it is up to you to move the desired knowledge pack items from a draft status to "public".  Periodically when we update your knowledge base with new and revised knowledge pack items, we will:

  1. Load all new knowledge pack items in their entirety with a status of  "draft".
  2. Update all content of previously existing knowledge pack items, without updating the item's status, related knowledge items, related links or category of the knowledge pack item.  As such, anything that you have changed in the knowledge pack item will be retained.