With the Fuze Suite, your customers, members and prospects (consumers) can get answers to their questions 7x24. And, as new knowledge items are added from consumers' questions not found in your knowledge base, your knowledge base naturally grows allowing more consumers to help themselves in the future and significantly reducing the number of email inquiries. In fact, our customers' consumers find their answer in the Fuze knowledge base more than 90% of the time.  In addition, If they fail to find their answers themselves, our proprietary inquiry interrupt feature will often direct them to their answer prior to submitting their question.

Did you know that for consumers, the two most important aspects of your Web site are that it is continually updated and easy to navigate? In fact, if your consumers cannot find what they're looking for within 5 minutes, they will pick up the phone and utilize your significantly more expensive support channel. With the Fuze Suite, your consumers can quickly find the specific answers to their questions -- without hunting through your Web site's navigation -- and link to your broader marketing information as they see fit! Fast and easy are the most critical elements of usability and the Fuze Suite gives your Web site just that!  Financial institutions should check out our personal finance knowledge packs.