The Fuze Suite includes a usage analytics module that allows you to quickly and easily analyze consumer usage of your support channels. Using the simple page shown below you can easily create a tab-delimited contact list for use in any campaign management solution such as Exact Target, some MCIF software and Vertical Response. 

For as little as 1 cent or less per email marketing message sent, campaign management software allows you to easily create graphically rich electronic campaigns using the targeted contact list generated by the Fuze Suite based on your consumers' preferences and behavior. Click here for some general expectations you should have when selecting campaign management software.  You can also use the contact list created by the Fuze Suite in traditional "snail-mail" marketing campaigns.

Please refer to the sample page below to get an idea about how you can analyze your consumer usage data using Fuze. Note: The page below is only a sample mock-up and is not a functioning page. 


The Create Marketing Campaign page allows you to extract lists of contact information from your consumers.

The 3 steps to do this are quite simple:
1. Define selection criteria.
2. Determine out how many of your consumers meet your criteria and rerun with new criteria as necessary.
3. Name and download your contact list. You then can integrate this list into your preferred campaign management tool.

1. Define Criteria Used to Select Consumers

Time period consumer viewed information or asked question

Frequency viewed or times question asked

Types of information viewed:


To: Freq.

Types of questions asked:


To: Freq.

Types of information Alerts set:

  Only include consumers that have opted to receive promotional material
2. Determine How Many Consumers Match Selection Criteria
How many consumers match selection criteria: 0

3. Name and Download Your Contact List
Name of contact file:
Download File:

A quality campaign management solution will allow you to:

  1. Easily create graphically rich emails.

  2. Quickly send out thousands of emails.

  3. Automatically send the email type (graphic, text or AOL) that the consumer can read using their email client.

  4. Automatically resend messages to consumers when their email services are down.

  5. Provide the consumer with a method to unsubscribe. Note: Fuze initially provides consumers with a method to opt-in or opt-out.

  6. Keep track of how many emails are opened.

  7. Keep track of which offers (links) in your campaign are clicked.

  8. Keep track of all email addresses that bounce.

  9. Eliminate any duplicate email addresses and check email address for general legitimacy --Fuze already does this

  10. Provide reporting to easily assess the success of each campaign.

  11. Proactivley ensure that the service remains off blacklists and is on the whitelists of major providers such as AOL and MSN, so that your campaigns are not filtered as SPAM.