The simple answer is that incorporating the Fuze Suite into your Web re-design effort should have little or no impact on resources and target implementation dates.

By ensuring that your Web site design is focused on providing a viable alternative support channel for your consumers, and by incorporating the rich support functionality provided by Fuze as early in the Web site re-design process as possible, you will get the most from both your Web site re-design and Fuze.

Sure, Fuze can easily be integrated into a Web site at any time. But since you'll want Fuze to be a single click away from virtually anywhere on your Web site in order to provide the greatest value to your consumers, the sooner you determine how to integrate Fuze into your Web site, the more powerful and less costly the integration will be.

You want to give your Web site more than just a face lift with your re-design, and Fuze will give your Web site launch a real POP by adding value to your consumers and staff and demonstrating your commitment to keeping your digital support on par with the support you extend through your alternative delivery channels.

If designed correctly, your Web site should provide your consumers with a viable alternative support channel to your phone and in-person support by extending the capabilities required of an effective digital support channel. Please click here to view a knowledge item on why it is VITAL for financial institutions (in particular) to get their consumers to actively utilize their digital channel.

Please refer to the related items below for considerations when integrating Fuze into your Web site.