Let's start by saying that all of our personal finance content -- also called knowledge packs (KP) -- is kept current by Fuze, so there is no need for you to continually update the content and calculators to reflect current tax laws and the like. The content is also non-biased, written in easy-to-understand terms and provides relevant information for the reader to make sound financial decisions (rather than providing advice). In addition, all of our content is seamlessly integrated into your Fuze knowledge base, providing you with 3 very important benefits:

  • Although maintained by Fuze, the KP content resides side-by-side with the information you maintain in your Fuze knowledge base about your products, services and your own personal finance content. Because of this, you have complete control of the content and can easily cross-link it to your related products and services, making the transition from research to buying easy for your members, customers and prospects.

  • As is the case for all content in your Fuze knowledge base, the Fuze Suite tracks each time a consumer views the KP content and makes this rich information available through our targeted marketing module. You also have the option to require that consumers log in to view any or all KP items, allowing you to quickly gather email addresses and understand the buying propensities of individual consumers.

  • All of the Knowledge Pack content is seamlessly integrated into your Web site and your branding. Other content where you link into a third-party's Web site neither strengthens your brand nor consumers' perceptions about your organization's breadth of financial knowledge.

The types of content we offer can be put into three categories:

1.Informational content about a broad range of personal finance topics (285+ items and growing).

This content is focused on enabling consumers to quickly find relevant information for making specific decisions, such as what type of IRA is best for them. This content also includes links to broad sources found on the Web, but careful attention has been placed to only provide links to sites that do not offer competing products and services. Click here to view a simple cover page into this type of content -- you can also easily create your own cover pages that meet your exact needs.

2. Calculators covering a broad range of personal finance topics (26 standard calcs and many more available).

Our knowledge packs come with 26 calculators that are cross-linked with the other KP content. This is important, for instance, so that a consumer can read about what points are and then link to a calculator that helps them determine if and how much they should buy down their mortgage interest rate by paying points. It's all about making it easy for your members, customers and prospects, and Fuze has eliminated a lot of the work required to do this. Click here to view our calculators.  Optional Spanish-language calculators are also available.

3. Educational content.

Give your members access to the financial education they need in order to make informed decisions about your products and services. An online article series called "The Money Express" is focused on providing fun and interesting articles for members of all ages to learn about various financial concepts.

"The Money Express" articles are seamlessly integrated into your Web site with your colors and branding. They do not include any references to Fuze or any other author. "The Money Express" can be marketed as your own content. As with all personal finance knowledge pack items, each article contains a "Terms of Use" that limits your liability.

Each article is presented in a 2-column format with 2-3 pages of text, written at approximately a 7th grade reading level (similar to the "Readers Digest"). We've taken what some may consider to be "dry" content and made it appealing to all ages in a style that includes:

  • Well-designed, easy-to-read and informative coverage of spending, earning, saving, investing and banking concepts
  • Animated images used as metaphors to reinforce points that move only when a mouse is passed over them
  • Links to an online glossary of terms for words that may be unfamiliar or require further explanation

  • Links to an interactive online quiz to reinforce what the reader has learned

  • Links to other related sources of information, including Money Express articles, general knowledge pack content and non-competing sources on the Web

We've created a cover page for access to The Money Express content on your site. Click here to view the cover Web page, then click on any title to see an article.