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BELLEVUE, WA. (February 6, 2004) – Fuze Digital Solutions, LLC, a software solutions provider, today announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with DigitalMailer, Inc. As part of the partnership, DigitalMailer will deploy the Fuze Suite to provide faster and more efficient service to its credit union clients, staff and other Web visitors. The marketing alliance also enables Fuze and DigitalMailer to promote each other’s products and services.

DigitalMailer, based in Herndon, VA, is one of the leading suppliers of digital communication tools in the credit union industry. The company’s products and services open the electronic communication channel between a credit union and its members. “Partnering with Fuze fits well with DigitalMailer’s broader vision," said Ron Daly, President/CEO. “The Fuze Suite will enhance our own customer support and will round out our product offerings, giving DigitalMailer the ability to extend high-value, low-risk digital knowledge-based products to our customers and their members.”

“We are pleased to partner with DigitalMailer,” said Chuck Van Court, Fuze President/CEO. “Our companies share a common vision and offer a complimentary suite of services focused on the credit union movement and the online delivery channel. The synergies created through this partnership will certainly benefit credit unions and their members alike.”

About DigitalMailer

DigitalMailer, Inc. ( provides digital communication products (such as eStatements, e-Lerts and eSurveys) that assist credit unions in gaining a strategic business advantage by turning member email addresses into strategic contact points. For more information, contact DigitalMailer directly at 866-994-4900 or via e-mail at

About Fuze Digital Solutions
Fuze Digital Solutions, LLC ( offers a completely web-based eService solution 
used by credit unions ranging from $40 million to over $1B that includes a searchable knowledge base, 
personal finance content, email and contact management, e-alerts and targeted marketing functionality.  
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