Try to observe the following standards for passwords and security:

  • Keep any administrative usernames and passwords confidential.
  • Do not write down passwords.
  • Do not create passwords that are easily 'guessable', such as your name, your birthday, your hire date, etc.
  • While passwords do not have to be meaningless strings of characters like 'Aecu76mNl74099' to be effective, they should definitely be composed of a combination of letters and numbers to minimize the chances that a password will be guessed.
  • Do not allow anybody else, even a system administrator, to use the system with your username and password.  If for some reason circumstances require another person to use your username and password, immediately afterward change your password.
  • Set each user's access privileges to match their role in using Fuze Q&A.  Providing too much access, such as making numerous people Publishers or Administrators, will lead to conflicting information in your Fuze Q&A knowledge base and system settings.
    Sharing login information is one of the most common forms of security breach on password-protected systems.

Fuze will never contact you and ask for your personal password in the system. If anybody contacts you pretending to be from Fuze and asks for such information, do not provide them any information and please contact Fuze immediately.