Fuze takes great pride in its flexibility and attention to customer service.  We fully understand that we must earn your loyalty every day and we work hard to consistently provide the highest quality support and service. Just ask any of our customers: We are always there when you need us and we rarely if ever charge additional for support.  Below we have broken down our primary services:

Application Hosting: Our product can be run either on your servers as a licensed application or on our servers as a hosted application.  Please click here for more on both options.

Training:  Fuze offers a variety of training options. Significant self-guided online training is available for free from all the Fuze Suite pages and we provide both in-person and remote online training as requested.  Since the Fuze Suite is very intuitive, most staff do not require training and staff administering the application or handling incidents only need about 1 hour of training.  We also offer "Quick Start" guides for all industries to get you going quickly, which are packed with tips and tricks and best practices learned during our many implementations.

For financial institutions, we have a proprietary load process that pre-populates your Fuze Suite instance with seed and knowledge pack items that have all been customized based on the unique characteristics of your organization -- of course you have complete control to refine things further.  As an example of how our "Quick Start" guides, sample project plans and our proprietary load process can get you up and going quickly, LA Financial Credit union was able to launch the Fuze Suite with about 8 total hours of effort....including training time! 

Support:  For your setup fees, we help you manage your implementation project and are available whenever you need us.  We also realize that from time to time you will have questions, need to have a special extract created, want recommendations for improvements for integrating the Fuze Suite into your Web site and/or intranet, etc.  The bottom line is that we only charge for this and other support when it takes us several hours to complete.  It goes without saying that bugs are corrected immediately and that we do not have ANY outstanding bugs.  Since our team is comprised of staff that have worked in the private industry and have experienced the frustration with getting "nickeled and dimed" by vendors, we do not operate that way! 

Integration:  You have many different options for how you integrate the Fuze Suite into your Web site and/or intranet.  Click here to take a look at some sample Web site integrations.

The Fuze Suite is also open and can quickly be integrated with any application that can make http calls.  Working with you, and using existing APIs and our Single Sign-on modules when useful, we can affordably create that custom integration for hosted and licensed implementations of the Fuze Suite.  Our team is very seasoned doing professional services work and are adept at quickly and affordably getting all the pieces performing as you expect.

Interested in having your team develop the integration yourself?  Let's talk more!  We are always focused on giving you the best value possible and are even open to giving you access to the source code for use by your company.   

Customization:  Once you have decided on the modules you would like to have turned on by Fuze, you can then further customize the Fuze Suite using our system options, allowing you to extend and pay for modules and features that meet the unique needs of your organization.  We have also been known to develop custom options for individual customers.  You will not find a more flexible vendor that actually lives up to the term "partner."