So, how is Fuze really different?        What our customers say     

In addition to providing a comprehensive and enterprise-grade software suite that effectively leverages your community's insights at a price our competitors with similar capabilities can't touch, our offering is easier to use and administer and our support is unparalleled.   

  1. You can readily speak with a knowledgeable support person whenever you need help.

  2. We escalate issues within Fuze quickly so that your needs are promptly addressed.

  3. As necessary, we let the "tech folks" from our companies speak directly with each other.

  4. We respond to all online inquiries within 4 business hours, most within the hour.

  5. We don't charge you extra for supportBelieve it or not, many of our competitors charge for more than one contact within your company to request support or if you want responses in something less than a few days. With Fuze you pay no more for OUTSTANDING support.

  6. We often provide consulting services for no charge.

  7. We are employee-owned and do not have investors pressuring us to extract as much revenue from each account as possible.  Instead we all have had lots of experience working on the private sector side with vendors that try to squeeze every possible dollar out of us, and WE DIDN'T LIKE IT THEN AND WE DO NOT DO IT NOW. 

  8. We make customized product enhancements to address important customer needs outside our normal revision schedule. 

  9. Regardless of the size of the account, we treat ALL our customers with respect and consistently provide outstanding customer care.

With Fuze you get an unparalleled value and consistent and outstanding support that costs you nothing more.

Sample Customer Quotes:  video testimonials

"We have been nothing less than thrilled with our partnership with Fuze! The Fuze Suite is significantly easier to administer (than RightNow) and we have found the support provided by Fuze to be head-and-shoulders above anything we previously received. Fuze is a flexible and focused partner that I would highly recommend to anyone!" -- Eric Grapner,

Fuze is absolutely one of the best vendors I've ever worked with!" -- Kimberly La Liberte, Progressions Credit Union

Fuze provides the most attentive and flexible support I have ever experienced from a vendor.  More than just saying it, they truly act like my partner and make me feel like I am one their biggest customers!  I can always count on Fuze!"  -- Margie Tosch, Wine and Hospitality Jobs 

"The system has been excellent! The setup and integration was a breeze (especially compared to RightNow). But the biggest “wins” for AAA Arizona are for our support staff and for our customers. The staff is seeing fewer incidents because customers are doing more 'self help'. Our incident response time is improving rapidly and already better than it was with RightNow. For ½ the price we lost none of the functionality we had with RightNow and gained a system that is much easier to use." -- Cliff Clark, AAA Arizona  

“The Fuze Suite provides our credit union with a highly managed and secure online communications channel for members and prospects. All support interactions are at our staff’s fingertips, feedback is readily captured and disseminated to appropriate staff, and every interaction is managed within our rigorous service levels.” -- Sandra Sagehorn-Elliott, Bellco Credit Union

“The single major reason we went with Fuze and the greatest benefit it has provided us is a demonstrated decrease in non-purchase calls to our call center. In addition, the Fuze team is unusually responsive and flexible in meeting the unique demands of our business.” -- Hillel Levin, 

“I believe that Fuze was one of the best investments that we have ever made.”  -- Renee Mackanin, L.A. Financial Credit Union