Fuze Digital Solutions is First in Web Self-Service Industry to Award Users
for Contributing Relevant Support Content

Patent application has been filed for new web 2.0 knowledgebase functionality

Las Vegas, Nevada
– (June 24, 2008) – Fuze Digital Solutions, LLC announced today at IQPC’s 9th Annual Call Center Week in Las Vegas that they have filed a patent application for their new technology that facilitates, motivates and rewards people in a community for contributing content to a knowledgebase.

Customer support and web self-service software has evolved to take advantage of many new technologies known as web 2.0, such as online forums and Wikis.  The Fuze innovation combines these and other content resources together and facilitates contributions made by community members.  With the Fuze technology, the more relevant content a person contributes, then the more recognition or rewards they will receive.
Enterprises that support customers through a website or call centers will benefit from this breakthrough approach in self-service.  In addition to keeping knowledge content pertinent and useful based on real-world users, it also identifies and rewards specific subject matter expertise beyond the organization itself.  This will ensure better quality support content that can be shared with internal stakeholders, call center agents, and customers through website FAQs and knowledge articles, email interactions, chat sessions and phone dialogs.
“Our new technology enables organizations to actively leverage the wisdom of their communities while still ensuring the content created has undergone sufficient reviews as warranted by who is using the content and how it’s used,” said Chuck Van Court, President and founder of Fuze. “Protecting one’s brand is a must, but so is leveraging the practical and collective insights of people actively using the content.  Our new technology supports both of these important needs.”
The technology will be available to Fuze knowledgebase customers in the 3rd quarter of 2008. A quick overview of Fuze’s next generation knowledgebase technology can be viewed at http://www.kb2dot0.com.