The Fuze Suite enables you to make it easy and fast for your customers and members to find information, ask questions and provide feedback. The Fuze Suite also makes it easy for them to escalate to a real person if they need help beyond what they can find or understand online.

Instead of having to read though broad information, your customers and members are able to get their answers directly and then refer to your other broad online collateral found in your Web site, PDFs, Word files, spreadsheets, etc. -- anything that is accessible to the customer or member.

No more painful navigation through your Web site is required by your customers and members to find what they are looking for! All information that is relevant to what your customers and members want to do is in one place. For example, a credit union member -- WITHIN 3 CLICKS-- should be able to understand if you offer international wires, how much they will cost, how quickly the money will reach the intended recipient, what information is required to complete the wire and where the branches are located that they can execute the wire. Basically, they should be able to get everything that they may need in one place to complete an activity. By relating knowledge items to one another you can meet this need without ever needing to replicate information.

Your early adopter customers may be willing to jump into online transactions with you, but the other 80% (depending on your customer base) needs to get comfortable first. Another huge benefit of the Fuze Suite is that it provides your customers and members with a way to incrementally get to know and build trust in your online offerings. Let them easily look up information, ask questions, set alerts, review past questions and evaluate your content, and slowly but surely you will start getting your non-early adopters to actually complete online transactions with you.