?Fuze provides you with a single system capable of supporting all your internal and external stakeholders.  This article covers your many options for seamlessly extending Fuze into your web sites and applications.  You'll also find information about our integrations with Facebook and Salesforce along with our mobile delivery that has been optimized for the small display size of cell phones.  We can only demonstrate so much of what we have to offer here, so please be sure to ask us if you are not seeing exactly what you were looking for.

Let's start by covering your different baseline options for wrapping standard Fuze application pages with your desired branding and functionality.  These application pages include robust capabilities that can be easily configured by you to extend different functionality and appear quite differently...like using these system options.  Later in this article we will cover other options that utilize our Widgets and Web Services that allow you to achieve a deeper integration, but include less functionality.

Baseline Options:

Standard Fuze Pages Using a Simple Wrap

This is the quickest and most affordable integration option that works well if you only require simple header and footer images for your branding. You easily control most of this display via a Style Options page built into Fuze.

To customize the look beyond the basics of header and footer images, font type and colors, we can also include a link to your custom Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file that is controlled remotely.


Standard Fuze Pages Using a Custom Wrap

Our custom wrap option raises the bar beyond just the header and footer and enables you to wrap Fuze on all sides.  However, with this option, any changes to the wrapper (header, navigation, sidebars and footer elements) are controlled by FuzeDigital and you will not have access to edit them directly.

Check out a sample site

Home Pages:

Our Home pages are highly customizable and can be setup to be different for different people.  Home pages provide you with a highly intuitive and beautiful landing page introducing and providing fast access to the capabilities you elect to extend using Fuze.  

Home pages can also be created to be used inside our widgets, as demonstrated in our GetAnswers widget section below.  

Please check out some sample cover pages by clicking on the images to the right. 

You can create your own Home pages by going to Admin > Home Pages within your Fuze site!  Try it out, then let us know if you need any assistance.

Widgets and Web Services Options:

Our widgets are accessed using small snippets of code you can drop on any Web page or application to seamlessly integrate specific Fuze functionality.  Widgets can be used with or without our Standard Fuze Page integration options.  Widgets are not impacted by popup blockers and instead are considered by web browsers as part of the Web page they are placed. Widgets allow people to access rich Fuze capabilities while never leaving the page they are on.

Following these sections covering our widgets, we cover our Web Services, which provide you with the most flexible integration options, but require much more work on your part.

GetAnswers Widget

The GetAnswers widget provides fast, easy and seamless access to your Fuze communications channel.  Using a simple administrative page you define what you want the widget to do and then just click a button to generate a small snippet of code that can be dropped into any web page or application.  Many elements within the widget can be altered without regenerating the code snippet, which gives you the ability to extend new functionality or turn off functionality without updating the snippet within your web page or application.  

This widget also uses responsive design techniques to dynamically scale in size so that it works well in small iframes on your Web pages or in the small display of a phone.  

Check out several examples of the GetAnswers widget in action and see how we use the GetAnswers widget to provide the "Help" tab on the left.

Contact Us Widget

Like the GetAnswers widget, the Contact Us widget creates a simple snippet of text that you can drop on any web page. Give your users a quick way to ask questions or provide feedback which go right into your incident queue.

Your Get Answers widget can include a link to your Contact Us widget, giving your client the opportunity to find their answer first before they contact you.
Click here to pop a "Contact Us" widget

Suggested Answers widget

If you have a search field that you would like to use to search your Fuze knowledge base, just add a little bit of code into the page and as soon as you click into the input field, the widget displays the top 10 most popular answers below the input field.

As you continue typing, the suggestions change based on the text you input. A real time-saver, the suggested answers may answer the user's question before they've had a chance to hit GO because it uses a different search method from the standard search.

Contextual Help widget

If you have information in the a page and you want to provide info off an icon or a simple link, the Contextual Help widget is a great way to extend any knowledge item into the page. This can work well for simple help items, like text describing form fields.

Check out the contextual widget in action.

Web Services

You can use the FuzeDigital web service to interact with all the data in your instance.  You can show your knowledge base content directly in your web site, use it to create incidents from emails or custom forms, export your usage data for analysis and much more. 

If you would like to find out more about what web services we provide, please contact us.
If you are a FuzeDigital client, you can access our web services documentation here.

It is also worth mentioning that some customers like Redwood Credit Union use our Web services in conjunction with their content management system (CMS) to drive content for several of their pages using knowledge base content.