It all comes down to where and how we spend our money. 

It also helps that we are employee-owned and driven by the needs of our customers (rather than the ROI expectations of investors)!

  1. Unlike what you find with our competitors, you're not paying for lots of overhead like: 100s of sales people, staff to meet SEC reporting requirements, big ticket marketing campaigns and the overhead to manage all this additional staff.  "Market leaders" often spend 60-70% of their revenue in sales and marketing which does nothing to evolve their offerings or support their existing customers.

  2. Our team has years of experience designing and developing large, mission-critical applications, and we are VERY adept at quickly putting out quality functionality using the fewest resources possible. No committees, unnecessary meetings, placating to personalities, etc. All this expense that does not improve product quality or customer care is gone. Our hosting environment is running over 99.9% uptime since our inception in June of 2002, and we have ZERO outstanding bugs in the Fuze Suite. How many of the big companies can say that?

  3. We apply our resources wisely. We don't throw money around or send people to customer sites when a telephone and/or online conference is just as effective.

  4. We offer on-site and online training, and like everything we do, we strive to provide you cost-effective alternatives that best match your company's particular circumstances.

  5. We are frugal about the money spent on marketing and sales. We tend to let the quality of our products and services create "word-of-mouth" advertising. As an example, our Web site is focused on providing information about our offering rather than trying to wow you with glitzy marketing copy and graphics. We instead put our resources into making our products better!

  6. We do not add superfluous product features; instead we let our customers drive out the product features that are most important to them and their end-users.

  7. We ensure that every dollar spent is squarely focused on adding more value for our customers.

  8. We hire only the best staff who are experienced, good teammates and passionate about providing the most practical and high-value solutions for delivering superlative customer service using a digital support channel.  It also is vital that FuzeDigital is owned by our employees, so everyone is focused on doing what it takes to earn and retain the business of all of our customers. 
  9. Our product offerings are very focused on customer service, and we do not lose our focus by offering ancillary products that are not core to our business objectives.

  10. Okay, we admit it, we are tight-wads with our money, and like you, we also expect to get incredible value from our partners.

While our pricing can't be touched for comparable product functionality, you also get:

  1. An enterprise-grade application with all the fault tolerance, scalability, security and flexibility you would expect from applications costing significantly more.  

  2. Based on your feedback, broad features continually being added to our offering.

  3. The strictest quality control standards to ensure that our products are always stable through releases.

  4. Regardless of your size, a sincere appreciation for your business and a clear understanding that your loyalty must be earned every day.

  5. Our passion and focus to work with you as partners to provide innovative yet practical solutions.

More than just marketing-speak, we truly are committed to earning your loyalty every day!