Fuze Keeps Clients’ Web Site Visitors Informed with RSS
Seattle, Wash. – (March 9, 2007) – The Fuze Suite, a premier customer care software suite provided by Fuze Digital Solutions is making it easy for its clients to provide customers with RSS feeds for Web content they care about. 
RSS is becoming more and more popular with consumers, providing them with a single place to quickly be kept abreast of new and changed content they care about on any Web site supporting RSS without exposing their email address to SPAM.
Using an intuitive yet powerful editor in the Fuze Suite, all staff can easily create highly formatted Web content in the knowledge base (KB) for review by staff with editorial control over what ultimately gets published. The level of publishing controls in place usually varies by the type of content and who is provided access to view it. Once the content is published in the KB, it can be accessed by authorized users through the KB search engine or placed directly in any Web page.       
At Wine and Hospitality Jobs.com, owner Margie Tosch said, “Our job posters and job seekers want options for accessing updated Web content, and the RSS capability in the Fuze Suite makes it easy to give both groups what they need to stay informed.” 
Washington State Employees Credit Union echoes this. Ben Morales, WSECU’s SVP and CIO, stated, “The Fuze Suite makes it very easy to add content with the necessary publishing controls we require to ensure content quality and consistency with our brand. RSS helps us to easily keep content changes in our Info Center front and center with our members.”