The collaborative potion of our software solution is protected by 52 claims across 2 patents (8185405 and  9129128) include important protections relevant to any organization with the following circumstances:  

  1. Organization has content that because of the inherent risk of how it is used, by whom and for what, must go through one or more people (editors) with sufficient knowledge to ensure the content’s accuracy.
  2. Organization believes that people internal and external to their organization who do not have editorial control over particular content possess valuable knowledge and practical know-how that could and should be used to create new and edit existing content that must go through appropriate editorial controls.
  3. Organization believes that metrics must exist to properly measure said contributions for specific domains of expertise such that people with specific domain expertise can be identified and desired contributions of measurable value can be motivated and appropriately recognized, such that an sustainable environment can be created that gets people to share their hard-earned and naturally protected expertise.
Our patents speak for themselves and should be scrutinized to formulate one’s own conclusions.  However, our belief is that our claims protect virtually all usage of measurable components to measure, motivate, recognize and reward the contribution of non-editors in creating and editing content that goes through editorial controls before consumption by people internal or external to an organization.

Please refer to the video below for more about this one-of-a-kind technology protected by our patents.