FuzeDigital understands that we are supporting mission critical applications that must be available 7x24x365.  As such, in conjunction with our hosting partners we have created a world-class systems infrastructure that has delivered a scheduled uptime in excess of 99.9% since our inception in June of 2002.
FuzeDigital has hosting partnerships with two independent hosting partners, one on each coast. One of our hosting partners is Internap (www.internap.com) and Fuze hosts the Fuze Suite in their datacenter in Seattle's Fisher Plaza Building, which is in one of the most fault tolerant buildings on the West Coast.  Internap and the Fisher Plaza Building are SAS 70 Level II certified.
FuzeDigital also offers a second hosting environment on the East Coast that is SAS 70 Level II certified.  Due to security precautions, we only divulge the identity of this hosting partner to relevant customers.   
Due to having datacenters on both the east and west coasts, customers can request that their instances of the Fuze Suite be replicated in both datacenters, providing geographic redundancy in the event of a regional disaster.    
In simple terms, our hosting providers provide connectivity to the Internet and the physical infrastructure and FuzeDigital supports all equipment and applications from the server rack down. Below we have broken down what is provided by Fuze and by our hosting providers. FuzeDigital customers have no direct relationship with our hosting providers, and we are completely responsible for the availability of the Fuze Suite.

Hosting providers:

  • 7x24 guarded access to building.

  • Control to server room controlled by key-card and/or biometric (hand-print) readers.

  • All server racks locked and must be unlocked by guard for access by authorized FuzeDigital staff only.

  • Fire suppression equipment protects all equipment from fire.

  • UPS and Oil Generators provide up to 3 days of uninterrupted electricity in the event of a power failure before requiring additional oil.

  • Multiple independent connection points into Internet backbone provided and monitored 7x24.


  • Only senior level FuzeDigital staff that require access to servers have been granted access to InterNap.

  • Access to system software (Operating system, database, security software, etc.) and FuzeDigital production application software (Fuze Suite) limited to certain number of senior level technical staff.

  • Multi-tier firewall security infrastructure maintained in compliance with comprehensive and strict FuzeDigital security policy.

  • All servers and networking equipment are individually hardened and require a valid username and password combination to access.

  • Ongoing review of logs for intrusion detection and system health monitoring.

  • FuzeDigital services monitored 7x24 and staff called immediately upon any indications of failure.

  • All customer data duplicated every 10 minutes and shipped offsite nightly.