FuzeDigital understands that we are supporting mission critical applications that must be available 7x24x365.  We have created a world-class systems infrastructure that has delivered a scheduled uptime in excess of 99.9% since our inception in June of 2002.

As of December 2019, FuzeDigital hosts our platform with Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.   Microsoft designs, builds, and operates datacenters in a way that strictly controls physical access to the areas where your data is stored. Microsoft understands the importance of protecting your data, and is committed to helping secure the datacenters that contain your data. We have an entire division at Microsoft devoted to designing, building, and operating the physical facilities supporting Azure. This team is invested in maintaining state-of-the-art physical security.

Microsoft takes a layered approach to physical security, to reduce the risk of unauthorized users gaining physical access to data and the datacenter resources. Datacenters managed by Microsoft have extensive layers of protection: access approval at the facility’s perimeter, at the building’s perimeter, inside the building, and on the datacenter floor.

For more information about how Microsoft manages physical security see Microsoft's documentation here.