Available Modules:

You will find our solution to be unique, blending knowledge sharing and customer care technologies to provide a comprehensive and collaborative solution supporting any and all desired stakeholders, including customers, members, staff, partners and others.  Only pay for what your organization needs, which can fluctuate each month.

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Base Modules:

Knowledge Base (KB): Provides a single place for all desired stakeholders to quickly get consistent, high-quality answers across all channels and devices. To the extent that makes sense for your organization, you can leverage our patented Reputation Engine to get staff (and other stakeholders as appropriate) to participate in keeping your KB content fresh and relevant.  You also can quickly see the overall health of your KB using our KB Health Dashboard, which is unique to FuzeDigital and provides you with a quick way to identify and correct issues that limit the effectiveness of your KB. The KB is a key component in helping stakeholders help themselves and for your staff to help consumers and other stakeholders.

Benefit: Reduces costly email, phone and chat volumes by 10-50% and frees up your staff to focus on more high-value support. Reduces training costs and knowledge drain that occurs with every staff change.   Our Call-to-Action (CTA) feature increases revenue by transitioning consumers from your KB content to your related products and services.

Case Management: Ensures that all inquiries and feedback are visible to appropriate staff and managed to an expected resolution. Stops the common problem of unresolved inquiries from phone and in-person support from falling through the cracks.  Routes inquiries to the right staff and manages every response within defined service levels, which can vary by the type of inquiry and for different groups of people. Leverages our Knowledge Base and Community Answers (Fuze Social) components to ensure consistent answers from all staff, across all channels.

Benefit: Makes your support staff more productive, satisfied and effective. Consistent, high-quality and attentive support is a key brand differentiator that increases brand loyalty and repeat business.

Contact Management: When resolving a case, this module puts all relevant interactions and feedback at your support staff's fingertips.? Using our Web Services, you can also bring together relevant contact information from 3rd-party systems.  Giving your staff a 360º view of the people they are helping is vital to providing personalized support that is consistent, efficient and effective. 

Benefit: Maximizing the potential with every interaction, providing personalized support, proactively addressing any negative feedback can make all the difference in the world in keeping customers happy and loyal. 

Feedback Management: Proactively getting and acting on feedback is vital to be effective. This module offers several different methods for capturing direct feedback, including custom feedback forms and customized surveys with built-in incentive mechanisms to motivate participation. The Feedback Management module is tightly integrated with our Case and Contact Management modules, as well as with dashboards and reporting tools to ensure that feedback is actively managed in your organization. 

Benefit: Proactive action on insightful feedback enables you to preemptively make improvements (before dissatisfaction becomes widespread) and possibly save relationships with unhappy customers.  

Inbox: Our Inbox provides an optional place for all internal and external stakeholders to submit inquiries and receive responses from your organization. Unlike email, which is subject to delivery failure due to virus, spam and spyware filters, our inbox ensures all communications get through. People using the inbox can elect to receive notifications about activity in their inbox, either as email, text messages, or as direct messages to their Twitter account.  

Benefit: Providing secure and reliable communications with your business is often vital.

Reporting Analytics: It’s said that "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it." Our Reporting Analytics module lets you measure all relevant aspects of how, when and where our solution is being used and by whom.  Providing more than 50 real-time reports, extracts and dashboards, this module gives you access to often subtle but vital details and data. 

Benefit:  Enables you to ensure that you are providing the level of service expected, that you are hearing and acting on feedback, and that you can proactively identify and make required system refinements using our many granular administrative controls.

Reputation Engine: Use this module with staff and other desired stakeholders to tap into their individual and collective insights. Stakeholder contributions are tracked at a topic level and these metrics are used to measure and motivate participation and to identify and leverage specific subject matter expertise.  Our patented Reputation Engine built into our KB is one-of-a-kind and a clear differentiator with all competitors. 

Benefit:  Includes the required metrics to motivate and tap into the hard-earned and practical insights of relevant stakeholders to create and sustain high-quality content to better support your products, services and operations.


Optional Module:

Personal Finance Content and Calcs (Knowledge Packs): Our personal finance content and 50+ calculators (including Spanish language) knowledge packs can be purchased independently and are designed to impart valuable information on various financial topics of interest, such as: saving for college, planning for retirement, budgeting and debt management. The content and calculators are maintained by us and updates are automatically pushed into your knowledge base to keep the information current. To date, our Knowledge Packs have been viewed well over 5 million times and consistently enhance the Web site traffic of our customers. 

Benefit: Help your members and customers make the best possible financial decisions using their device of choice.