You’ve Got Mail…
Bellco Credit Union and Fuze Collaborate to Release New Message Center for Secure Member Communications
SEATTLE, WASH. (July 20, 2006) – Fuze Digital Solutions, premier provider of modular and comprehensive member care solutions, today announced a new Message Center feature developed in concert with Colorado-based Bellco Credit Union ($1.6 billion) as part of the Open Technology Solutions (OTS) partnership.     
The new Message Center is the first solution to provide credit unions with an uninterrupted and secure communications channel for all members and other site visitors. Providing a central place to send and receive messages, the secure Message Center eliminates issues experienced by credit unions today when email communications are lost due to filtering by spam, spyware or virus scanning.
“We wanted a way for our members, prospective members and others to communicate securely with us, either within or outside of online banking, without having to rely on email,” said Sandra Sagehorn-Elliott, Bellco’s Vice President of CRM. “Fuze was very receptive to the idea of a Message Center, and quickly moved from concept to design and development.” 
The new Message Center will be unveiled in v6.1 as part of the base Fuze Suite due out next month, a follow-on to v6.0 released in May. 
Members and others will access the Message Center from Fuze clients’ web sites via a secure log-in featuring multi-tier authentication. Bellco will also be using the Fuze Single Sign-on capability with their online banking application so that members using online banking will be automatically logged in to the Message Center. 
Other key features of the Message Center: 
·        Available to all consumers: members, prospective members, and site visitors.
·        Consumers alerted to unread messages when entering the Message Center or online banking and can elect to receive daily email notifications informing them of any unread messages.
·        Highly intuitive user interface including Inbox, Send Message, Profile, and Alerts (including knowledge base alerts and, if used, e-Alerts for things such as balance thresholds, CDs maturing, paychecks deposited, etc.).
·        All messages secured using 128-bit encryption.
·        All messages managed using the Fuze Suite’s comprehensive contact management capabilities, ensuring all interactions are completed within service levels (in business hours), which can vary by type of inquiry or be set to afford groups of active members with premium service.
·        All interactions to resolve consumer inquiry in one threaded message regardless of number of staff or channels involved (phone, in-person, email, Web or chat), ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that members do not need to repeat themselves.
·        Messages sent and received by consumers can include secure attachments.
·        Credit unions can selectively define when consumers are required to log-in and use the Message Center when initiating inquiries.
·        Fuze’s proprietary Smart Intercept feature reduces messages submitted when consumers are presented with items in the knowledge base evaluated to be highly relevant before sending their message for staff handling.
·        All activity in Message Center automatically tracked in Usage Analytics module along with other rich consumer insights gained when providing self- and assisted-service using the Fuze Suite.
The Fuze Suite Message Center will be enhanced next year to allow credit unions to send messages to all relevant members for things like NSF notifications, promotions based on specific member interests and activity, and broadcast messages. 
“Being committed to provide credit unions with the best technology for communicating and supporting members’ needs, we are excited by what the Message Center brings to our already robust offering. We are fortunate to have forward-thinking partners like Bellco who share our passion for bringing member care to the next level,” said Fuze CEO and founder, Chuck Van Court.