Our knowledge packs are comprised of broad and understandable personal finance content and calculators. The information contained in the knowledge pack items does not offer advice, but rather provides information relevant to various life events. Each knowledge pack item includes a "terms of use" link to restrict your liability and help ensure proper usage. 

Are Fuze knowledge pack items used?  You bet they are!  Check out the press release covering the fact that the Fuze knowledge packs have been viewed over 1,000,000 times.

In addition to providing great information themselves, the knowledge packs include links to hundreds of other Web sites, but careful attention was placed to only link to sites that do not include competing products or services. As such, the knowledge packs provide your members/customers with an effective (and controlled) method to quickly find quality personal finance content throughout the entire Internet.

Knowledge packs include three different types of personal finance content that are cross-linked as appropriate to provide the greatest value to your consumers:

  1. Factual questions and articles about a broad range of personal finance topics (300+ items and growing).

  2. Calculators cross-linked with the personal finance content (#1 above), enabling consumers to research general personal finance concepts and quickly link to calculators for determining what product or service is best for them (26 calcs and many more available, including several in Spanish).

  3. Educational content providing fun and interesting articles that help provide consumers age 12 to 112 get acquainted with various financial concepts.

Please click here for a complete description of each type of knowledge pack content.

You can create your own cover pages to our knowledge pack content or create your own. 

Example cover page available from Fuze:

Cover for Money Express Educational Personal Finance Content: