When customers/members come to your Web site they are either looking to complete a transaction or they are looking for specific pre-sales or post-sales information. People are busy and impatient, and they want their information to be broken down into focused, bite-sized pieces that answer their questions.

The Fuze Suite has been built on that premise, with its foundation being a knowledge base made up of questions and answers with links to broader information as necessary.

With the Fuze Suite you:
  • Start by seeding your knowledge base with 25 to 30 frequently asked questions and answers. As you answer customer/member questions, you can easily promote new questions and answers to the knowledge base.  Credit unions get a running start with a seeded knowledge base of over 300 items and category structure built around commonly asked questions. 
  • Use the built-in formatting tool to create rich formatted answers with links to any Web-accessible files or Web sites. Include graphics to convey answers visually without any knowledge of HTML or programming.
  • Enable your customers/members to rate the usefulness, accuracy and completeness of your questions and answers, providing continual feedback to improve your knowledge base.
  • Invite suggestions from subject-matter experts (or any knowledgeable individual within or external to your organization), while creating, editing or updating knowledge items (questions and answers).
  • Allow your customers/members to request automatic notifications via email when information is added or changed in your knowledge base. This continually directs your customers/members to your Web site and knowledge base. These update “alerts” are often used by customers/members, staff, potential employees and partners alike who want to be notified of new services, training seminars, employment opportunities and special promotions, to name just a few.