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  • 1. 2-way secure messaging case study of Bellco Credit Union Views: 507 Public

    This video provides a quick demo of how Bellco Credit Union has integrated the Fuze Suite to provide reliable and secure communications to and from all members, including those not using online banking.  Of course, online banking users are not required to authenticate into Fuze since our Single Sign-On process is being used.


    http://www.fuzeds.com/flash/bellco case study 9-2007/player.html

  • 2. Is the Fuze Suite offered hosted or licensed? Views: 496 Public
    Your organization has the option to purchase a Fuze Suite license and implement the software on any server, yet most clients choose to take advantage of our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model in which we host and maintain the application and clients pay a monthly subscription fee. The SaaS solution offers a lower cost of entry, complete implementation within hours, and the option to forego the service at any time. It is perfect for organizations looking to prove the concept before making a lar  More...
  • 3. What is your system uptime guarantee? Views: 457 Public
    Our system architecture has been designed to allow most modifications and upgrades to occur with no disruption of service. In addition, all maintenance is scheduled during off-peak hours, thus causing little or no disruption to our customers. FuzeDigital hosts our application with MS Azure. Since our inception in 2002, Fuze has had in excess of 99.9% uptime. up-time, downtime, down-time, system availability, guarantees, service-levels, availability
  • 4. Tell me more about FuzeDigital's relationship with AAA Clubs Views: 456 Public
    We're proud to be chosen by so many Automobile clubs to use the Fuze Suite for their members, staff and other stakeholders. AAA Arizona was the first Automobile club to use the Fuze Suite in June of 2004. Previously a customer of RightNow for 2 years, AAA Arizona's experience with FuzeDigital can best be captured by this quote: The system has been excellent! The setup and integration was a breeze (especially compared to RightNow). But the biggest 'wins' for AAA Arizona are for   More...
  • 5. What happens in the event of a disaster that deletes or destroys our data in the Fuze Suite? Are there measures to protect against loss? Views: 400 Public
    Fuze minimizes the risk of any loss of our customers' data through a combination of disaster recovery processes and system redundancies: We execute nightly off-site backups of all data. We maintain a redundant database server that is synchronized with the primary databases every 5 minutes. Our infrastructure (power, cooling, Internet connectivity, etc.) has built-in physical redundancies and disaster preparedness measures. In the event of a disaster that made your Fuze Suite data unavailable, in  More...
  • 6. What is the total cost of deploying the Fuze Suite as a hosted service and buying a licensed version? Views: 211 Public
    The Fuze Suite is affordably priced based on the size of your organization and usage requirements. For a free, no obligation price quote, please contact us now. Fees, Price
  • 7. How can I request to see a demo of your offering? Views: 206 Public
    Thanks for your interest in the Fuze Suite. To arrange for your one-on-one demo, just complete this request demo form and someone from the FuzeDigital sales team will be in contact with you. demonstration request appointment sales presentation trial
  • 8. Where can we get information about partnership/alliance opportunities with Fuze? Views: 179 Public
    Fuze welcomes opportunities to partner with companies that provide complementary products or services to the Fuze Suite. Select the link below to see information about our partner programs and to contact us about partner opportunities.
  • 9. What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? Views: 175 Public
    A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract that commits an ASP to a specified level and/or quality of service. To request a copy of Fuze's Service Level Agreement contact us .
  • 10. Does your Service Level Agreement (SLA) include a guaranteed level of system performance, such as sub-second response time? Views: 162 Public
    Our servers are architected for high performance and able to support hundreds of simultaneous connections. We guarantee a less than 5 second response time for all pages if you have a minimum 128Kbs connection (DSL, ISDN) to the Internet. These metrics are used to ensure that the average load time is within reason for an average user. User response times will vary based on connectivity and network congestion. We monitor all systems to ensure our response times are within reason and to ensure a   More...