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  • 1. What are your knowledge packs all about? Views: 866 Public
    Our knowledge packs are comprised of broad and understandable personal finance content and calculators. The information contained in the knowledge pack items does not offer advice, but rather provides information relevant to various life events. Each knowledge pack item includes a terms of use link to restrict your liability and help ensure proper usage. Are Fuze knowledge pack items used? You bet they are! Check out the press release covering the fact that the Fuze knowledge packs have be  More...
  • 2. What types of personal finance content do you offer? Views: 668 Public
    Let's start by saying that all of our personal finance content -- also called knowledge packs (KP) -- is kept current by Fuze , so there is no need for you to continually update the content and calculators to reflect current tax laws and the like. The content is also non-biased, written in easy-to-understand terms and provides relevant information for the reader to make sound financial decisions (rather than providing advice). In addition, all of our content is seamlessly integrated into you  More...
  • 3. Do you offer calculators in Spanish? Views: 488 Public
    Yes we do. "Hispanics are the largest minority population in the nation. By 2007, they will control over $925 billion in disposable income." eMarketer Several of our calculators are also available in Spanish. Please contact us for samples. Calculator Type Calculator Name in English Calculator Name in Spanish AUTO Auto Loans Calculadora para pr√©stamos de autos DEBT Accelerated Debt Payoff Calculadora de Pago Acelerado de Deudas DEBT Credit Card Pay Off Saldo de Tarjetas   More...
  • 4. How is your knowledge pack content different than content I can get through CUNA or other sources? Views: 484 Public
    Our content affords several benefits not available from other providers. In addition to being written in language that is easy to understand, our knowledge pack items provide the following unique benefits: 1. Better reinforcement of your brand and better user experience: How your institution is viewed by members, customers and prospects is a reflection of what you have built your brand to mean to consumers. Whether it's outstanding service, great pricing or broad product offerings and soun  More...
  • 5. What are the terms and conditions of using the knowledge packs? Views: 446 Public
    Fuze Digital Solutions, LLC Terms and Conditions THE ACCURACY OF THE FUZE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, LLC INFORMATION, DEFINED BELOW, AND ITS APPLICABILITY TO YOU OR YOUR END-USERS CIRCUMSTANCES IS NOT GUARANTEED. ALL USERS OF THIS INFORMATION SHOULD OBTAIN PERSONAL ADVICE FROM QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS. 1. Use of the Fuze Digital Solutions, LLC web site and/or the Fuze Digital Solutions, LLC Information licensed by other companies for use on their web sites ( Licensees' Web Sites ) is covered by the follo  More...
  • 6. How much do the knowledge packs cost? Views: 443 Public
    Knowledge packs are available for a low subscription fee, typically $150/month. Our Knowledge Pack content includes over 300 articles of an educational nature designed to help consumers make better financial decisions. The content includes calculators covering a broad range of financial topics from health savings account, mortgage loans, auto loans, and more. Calculators in Spanish are also available. Please contact us for more information. member education
  • 7. How can I integrate knowledge packs into my Web site? Views: 408 Public
    Fuze knowledge pack items are just like any other knowledge item in your Fuze knowledge base. Click here to see how to integrate the Fuze Suite into your Web site.
  • 8. How often will the content and calculators be updated? How do the updates impact my links to related knowledge items and other related links? Views: 413 Public
    The content and calculators will be updated periodically throughout the year (at least quarterly for the content) and whenever mandated by changes in tax laws and the like. Additional content and calculators will be provided based on customer and end-consumer needs. Knowledge pack items are initially loaded into your Fuze knowledge base with a status of draft . You are not allowed to update knowledge pack content but you do have control over what you link the knowledge pack item to and which  More...
  • 9. Why should my organization consider offering Fuze knowledge packs? Views: 409 Public
    It's good for your members, customers and prospects (consumers): Fast and easy to find broad, UNBIASED personal financial information from a trusted source. Information presented using easily understood language in succinct bytes of information. Links to other Web sites with relevant content all in one place. Information is unbiased. Direct access to relevant calculators to determine the impact of specific decisions on them. Direct access to relevant products and services. It's good for your or  More...
  • 10. Do I have to use your knowledge packs? Views: 416 Public
    No . Knowledge packs are offered as an optional module of the Fuze Suite to enhance the personal finance information and tools you extend on your Web site. You can always elect to not use some or all of the knowledge pack items.