Our content affords several benefits not available from other providers. In addition to being written in language that is easy to understand, our knowledge pack items provide the following unique benefits:

1.   Better reinforcement of your brand and better user experience: How your institution is viewed by members, customers and prospects is a reflection of what you have built your brand to mean to consumers. Whether it's outstanding service, great pricing or broad product offerings and sound advice, your brand needs to say the right things loud and clear.

Your Web site is an ever increasing reflection of what your brand is all about! When providing content that helps your consumers make better purchasing decisions, regardless of its source, you do not want consumers to perceive that your depth of financial knowledge is limited to linking to another site managed by the "real experts."  Otherwise, what does this do for strengthening your brand? You want the content to look like it is part of your site and part of your delivery. Personal finance content can help your consumers appreciate the breadth of your financial knowledge and services offered. However, if it is apparent that you have just contracted with someone else to add the content to your site, this may not put forth the image your institution desires.

Our knowledge packs seamlessly integrate into your Web site so they are viewed as your content and provide the proper reinforcement for your hard-earned brand!

2.   Tightly integrated with your knowledge base content and products and services: Your Fuze knowledge pack content resides in the same knowledge base with knowledge items about your products and services. You can also create your own personal finance knowledge items that reside side-by-side with ours. In addition, you have control over each individual knowledge pack item, so you can quickly and easily link your consumers from information about buying a home to your mortgage products, insurance products, rates and applications. From each and every piece of your personal finance content, your consumers should be able to get to all your relevant products and services with JUST ONE CLICK.

3.    Information more focused on user needs: Your consumers have busy lives and do not always have the time to read through broad articles. Often they just want to get an answer to a question. With Fuze knowledge packs, your consumers can quickly find their answers and then link to broader content as they see fit. In addition, all relevant personal finance content and calculators are cross-linked for you by Fuze, putting your consumer in control.

4.    Fast and easy to find exactly what your consumers are looking for: Think fast and easy! That is what your consumers want. Studies have shown that if a consumer cannot find what they are looking for within 5 minutes, they will pick up the phone and use a channel that is very expensive for you to support and difficult to scale with fluctuating volumes. Since knowledge packs are part of our offering, your consumers have all the rich and intuitive search facilities to quickly find what they are looking for. Studies have shown time and time again that a general Web search tool just isn't enough! In one place, without searching through your Web site for links to personal finance content, your consumers can quickly find all information that is relevant to them when doing business with you.

5.   Consumers continually help improve the content: Since our knowledge pack content is part of a sophisticated knowledge management engine, we are able to continually review feedback from all of our customers' end-users about our knowledge pack items. If something is not clear or needs additional information, we will refine the knowledge pack content as necessary. Leveraging the power of feedback from consumers across the country is a powerful component to ensure that our knowledge packs add value.

6.   Consumers automatically directed back to your Web site: Unique to our offering is the knowledge base alerts feature. Alerts allow your consumers to request to be notified when changes are made to individual questions, categories or groups of information they care about. Your consumers can set as many alerts as they want but will only receive one email with links directly back into the knowledge base. Alerts allow your consumers to stay up on topics of interest and allow you to continually direct them back into your online delivery channel. You both win!

7.    YOU ARE GETTING WAY MORE THAN JUST CONTENT: You can start by just buying the content, but with Fuze you also have access to a powerful and continually improving software suite that will allow your Web site to be a viable alternative support channel. Why is this important?

NOTE:  Although our knowledge pack content includes links to other relevant Web sites to ensure that your consumers can quickly find what they are looking for, we are very careful to not link to sites that offer competing products and services.  What's more, each knowledge pack item has a clearly denoted "Terms of Use" on it that protects your organization against unintended use of the information and resulting liability.