FuzeDigital can have our offering seamlessly integrated with your Web site within a couple days.

We provide you with a "Getting Started Guide" to help you launch quickly. The amount of time it takes varies on how you plan to use the product and the number of staff using the product. Customers have fully implemented the Fuze Suite into their Web site and operations within a few days.
 We even had one credit union customer that implemented the Fuze Suite including over 500 seed and knowledge pack items with about 8 hours of total effort, including the time to train 2 support staff in the call center
Your knowledge base can easily be populated by cutting and pasting your existing content from any application or Web page. FuzeDigital also offers professional services to bulk load content into your knowledge base. For financial institutions, FuzeDigital offers about 300 "seed" items of commonly asked questions and answers designed to help you hit the ground running.
We also offer context-sensitive help throughout the site that links to our Online Help knowledge base for quick explanations and guidance on how to use the product.
Because we have standardized much of the getting started process, you will find that you can quickly get your staff up to speed and fully implement the Fuze Suite without requiring any fees in addition to our setup fees. It's fast, easy and affordable to get going with FuzeDigital!