The Fuze Suite provides a comprehensive and modular member care solution that provides comparable functionality to any enterprise-grade solution available today, but it costs significantly less, is easier to use and provides specialized functionality that enables an FI to get up and going quickly and to meet the unique ongoing needs consumers demand from their bank, credit union or savings and loan.

Below we have identified some of the ways the Fuze Suite has been optimized for Financial Institutions (FIs): 

300 + seed questions: We have reviewed hundreds of Web sites and other sources to compile a set of questions commonly asked by consumers of credit unions, banks and thrifts. These seed questions are continually evolved.

Seed questions customized for your financial institution: We run seed knowledge base items (questions and answers) through a proprietary load process to personalize them for your financial institution.

The Fuze Suite initially pre-loaded: In addition to your knowledge base seed items we pre-load your knowledge base categories and incident categories along with setting all your system options based on what we have found works well for our FI customers. When combined with the seed knowledge items and knowledge packs, and used with our "Quick Start Guide", you are able to get up and running quickly by using the best practices we have developed through practical experience. Please refer to the related article below for more on how LA Financial was able to launch the Fuze Suite with about 8 hours of effort due to this proprietary load process.

Personal finance knowledge packs: We offer over 300 knowledge base items maintained by Fuze (knowledge packs) that provide comprehensive educational and informational personal finance information that has been written in easy to understand terms. Topics covered range from buying a home or car to retirement planning and are updated as required to ensure that they are accurate and help keep your Web content fresh. Knowledge pack items are cross-linked to 26 financial calculators and non-competing Web sites for additional information. Knowledge pack items also contain links directly to your Web site that are maintained by you, enabling your consumers, with one click, to quickly understand and utilize your related products and services. Of course, you can pick and choose what knowledge pack items you use. Click here to see more about the knowledge packs module.

Public and private knowledge in a central knowledge base: Public information in your knowledge base is accessible by anyone while private information is only accessible by staff. By having both public and private information seamlessly stored in one place, you are able to ensure consistent communications and operating procedures across all channels along with being used by all staff and consumers. In addition, with one click your staff can go from viewing public information about products and services to viewing related private information about internal procedures or suggested products and services to cross-sell. Because all knowledge items and related links in your knowledge base are dynamically built based on the type of user viewing the knowledge base, you only need to define who has access to the information, and Fuze takes care of the rest. The Fuze Suite even allows you to define information as only available to some external users (such as board members) or some internal staff (such as management) if you need to be even more granular when defining access to your knowledge base.

Speed Bumps: Due to regulatory or other concerns, financial institutions often want their users to be clearly notified whenever they are linked to Web locations outside their control.  This feature enables creation of a script containing language warning the user in a popup window ("speed bump") that they are about to leave your site.  This "speed bump" script is then run for all external links included in the Knowledge Pack items and all external links created for KB items in the special section mentioned in the previous feature description.  You can also call the "speed bump" script using standard HTML in any Web page

Single Sign-On:

Staff: We have developed a secure process, running on Windows, Unix and Linux machines, that automatically logs staff into the Fuze Suite when they log into your network or intranet.  Users who do not already exist in the Fuze Suite are automatically created. Implementation of SSO for staff usually only takes a couple hours, works well for Active Directory, LDAP and virtually any network authentication, and does not require passing of ANY sensitive information to Fuze.  SSO for staff can also be used to limit staff access to the Fuze Suite when on your premises or using your VPN.

External Users: Similar to our SSO for staff, SSO for external users eliminates the need for consumers to log into Fuze after they have already logged into another of your Web-based applications, such as online banking.

Integration with core processing and online banking solutions: The Fuze Suite has been engineered using an open architecture to quickly allow integration with other software solutions. Through the use of XML and other interface options we can provide different degrees of integration with virtually any software product. Our Web Services provide for integrating the Fuze Suite with core systems.

Continued and rapid evolvement based on FI and consumer feedback: All product vendors must be sure to focus their resources on the primary needs of their markets. Vendors that are driven by the needs of several diverse markets cannot quickly adapt to the needs of a particular market segment. Since FuzeDigital is focused on credit unions, banks and thrifts, the Fuze Suite will continue to quickly evolve based on the real world usage by our FI customers and their consumers. The Fuze Suite is already a mature and robust offering and will only get that much better with time.